Weekday rides: Routes and sweeper rota

Our 2019 season of evening rides is now well underway.  Below is the rota for the next 10 weeks.  If you cannot sweep your date please arrange a mutual swap with someone else on the rota.  Please look at the route before we ride so that you know where we are going!

Rides will leave Tenby Leisure centre car park at 6.00pm on Tuesdays and 6.30pm on Thursdays.   We have 3 groups – with a sweeper led social group with the intent that no-one gets left behind and all get a ride to suit their abilities. Helmets to be worn on all club rides, and we recommend the use of front and rear high intensity lights for improved visibility on the road.

Day Date Route Description Miles Time Sweepers Sweepers
Thursday July 18th 9 Bluestone 26.5 6.30 Andy Adamson Pat Swan
Tuesday July 23rd 16 Manorbier 28.6 6.00 Donna Ceris
Thursday Juy 25th 63 Cresswell Quay and Fresh East 25.1 6.30 Jason Sophie
Tuesday July 30th 59 Stackpole and Maidenwells 27.5 6.00 Colin Barrett Dave Poole
Thursday Aug 1st 67 Ridgeway x2 and Maidenwells 23.7 6.30 Nicola Carlton
Tuesday Aug 6th 57 Deer Park and Cresswell Quay 27.5 6.00 Stanno Shaun Griffiths
Thursday Aug 8th 56 Stackpole and Cosheston 25.9 6.30 Gareth Nicky Logan
Tuesday Aug 13th 11 Canaston 26.4 6.00 Anto Jo
Thursday Aug 15th 8 Hills anticlockwise 25.5 6.30 Mat Greener Huw Benbow
Tuesday Aug 20th 64 Infinity and beyond – Coal Lane and Petrox 27.2 6.00 Julie Andrasko Peter Andrasko
Thursday Aug 22nd 15 Sageston and Templeton 25.0 6.30 Jamie Silvester Dan Belli