Weekday rides: Routes and sweeper rota

Our 2018 season is well under way.  Below are the routes and sweepers until the end of July.  If you cannot sweep on your date please can you arrange a swap with someone.

Day Date route description miles start sweeper  sweeper
Tuesday 10th July 16 Manorbier 28.6 6.00 Anto Jo
Thursday 12th July 2 up Milton Hill 21.5 6.00 Dan Belli Shaun Griffiths
Tuesday 17th July 9 Bluestone 26.5 6.00 John Hubbard Tom Beck
Thursday 19th July 70 Lawrenny and Templeton 27.1 6.00 Huw Paul Slack
Tuesday 24th July 59 Stackpole and Maidenwells 27.5 6.00 Jamie Silvester Hayden Johns
Thursday 26th July 63 Cresswell Quay and Fresh East 25.1 6.00 Tracey Thomas Dave Poole