Weekday rides: Routes and sweeper rota

Our 2020 season of Club weekday rides began on Tuesday August 4th.  We have a few weeks remaining – below are the routes and sweepers for the rest of the season:

Day Date Route Description Distance Time Sweepers Sweepers 
Tuesday Sept 22nd 1 Pembroke loop 21.2 6.00 Nicky Huw
Thursday Sept 24th 73 Saundersfoot and Cresselley 20.5 6.00 Julie James Tompkinson
Tuesday Sept 29th 51 Ridgeway and Cresswell Quay 21.3 6.00 Dan Jamie
Thursday Oct 1st 76 Last night 17.1 6.00

Don’t forget that you will need to be a current paid up member of Tenby Aces, and complete a rider registration form once for the season if you haven’t done so already.  In doing this you will need to agree to a set of requirements that you will comply with in order to protect yourself and the rest of the riders during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  See our Facebook page for how to do this.  

Thanks for your support, and stay safe.

John Hubbard,

Rides secretary, aka ‘Routemaster’