Weekday rides: Routes rota

Our 2022 season of Club weekday evening rides began on Tuesday March 29th at 6pm.  We hold rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the summer until the end of September (weather permitting).  We meet at the Tenby Leisure Centre overflow car park.  We typically ride (if numbers permit) in 3 speed groups, a faster group, a medium paced group, and then a social group.  Our last ride of the season will be on Thursday September 29th at 6.00pm.

As of Tuesday April 12th we moved from a sweeper system to having leaders for the groups on the road.  The idea is that each group looks after themselves, with the leader and others ensuring that the group that starts together, finishes together, and any issues arising are handled within the group.  There will be a ride briefing before the ride starts, given by a senior experienced rider.  However I encourage all to know the route beforehand. Rides are posted each week on our Facebook page.

We will continue our Sunday rides – weather permitting.  Please check Facebook for details of planned rides, usually posted on Fridays.