Sunday Ride Routes

We are starting to develop a range of routes for Sunday rides over different distances.  I am adding more routes and descriptions with links to strava maps as they are developed.

30 mile routes (300 series) 

Route 301 Milford : 37 miles, 2500 ft climbing.  TLC,  Gumfreston, Carew, Cosheston, Neyland, Waterston, Milford. Back via Steynton, Pembroke, Upper Lamphey road, and Ridgeway back to TLC.  Coffee stop at Foam cafe in Milford Marina.

Click on the link for Strava route: Milford ride

Route 302 Castlemartin : 38 miles, 2500 ft climbing.  Tenby, New Hedges, Templebar rd, Jeffreyston, Creselley, Carew, Milton Hill, Deer Park Lane, into Pembroke on Holyland rd, Monkton, Hundleton, Castlemartin, Merrion, Pembroke and coast road back to Pembroke.

Click on the link for Strava route: Castlemartin

40 mile routes (400 series)

Route 401 Gelli : 47 miles, 3500 ft climbing.  TLC, New Hedges, Kilgetty rbt, Kilgetty, Stepaside, Ludchurch, Princes Gate, Narberth, Penblewin rbt, up hill, then left, down into Gelli, then left up to Lawhaden, Canaston, turn right at Canaston Bowl to Martletwy, then left then right to Lawrenney.  Cresswell Quay, then Carew, up to Ridgeway, down to Lamphey and coast road back to Tenby.    In summer can stop at Lawrenney Quay, in winter coffee at Carew Inn.

Click on the link for Strava route: Gelli 47 mile route

Route 402 Laugharne loop :  44 miles, 3500 ft climbing.  TLC, Gumfreston, Knapp, Jeffreyston, Reynaldton, Templeton,  Tavernspite, right to Red Roses.  Turn left down old Llandowrror road, right at bottom cutting off corner, emerge on St Clears to Laugharne road, Laugharne, Pendine, up Pendine Hill, turn left halfway, Marros.   New Inn Amroth for coffee.  Summerhill, Stepaside, Kilgetty, Pentlepoir, back to Tenby.  Coffee at Laugharne, or New Inn Amroth.

Click on the link for Strava route: Laugharne loop

Route 403 St Clears cafe :  44 miles, 3600 ft climbing. TLC, New Hedges, Kilgetty, across A477, old road, turn right to Summerhill, down to Amroth, up Marros, turn left at Green Bridge pub, past Cradlewynd on Daffodil route, St Clears.  Ceris Hewlins cafe stop.  Return to St Clears, up Llandorror, to Red Roses, then right to Tavernspite, left on lower road to Templeton, Reynaldton, Jeffryston, the Knapp and Gumfreston back to TLC.

Click on the link for Strava route: St Clears cafe circuit

Route 404 Freshwater West and Cresselly:  44 miles, 2500 ft climbing .  TLC, Coast road, Lower Lamphey rd, Monkton, Hundleton, Fresh West, back thru Merrion, Cow Poo hill, St Daniels, Upper Lamphey rd, up to Ridgeway, down Milton Hill, Carew up to Cresselly, Jeffreyston, Broadmoor, Templebar rd, New Hedges and back to TLC

Click on the link for Strava route: Fresh West and Cresselley

Route 405 Maenclochog cafe : 45 miles, 3500 ft climbing.

Click on the link for the Strava route: Maenclochog cafe

50 mile routes (500 series) 

Route 501 – Broadhaven North: 53 miles, 3500 ft climbing.  TLC, coast road to Pembroke, up and over Cleddau bridge, Rosemarket, new Bulford  Rd, Tiers Cross, Broadhaven, up Haroldston hill, turn right, then left on Portfield road to Haverfordwest, down to Morrisons, up Prendergast, Crundale, Wiston, Llawhaden, Canaston bridge, Loveston, Jeffreyston, Knapp, and Gumfreston back to TLC. Possible food and drink stop at the cafe in Broadhaven cafe.

Click on link for strava route: Broadhaven north 53 mile route

Route 502 – St Clears: 50 miles, 4200 ft climbing.  TLC, New Hedges, Saundersfoot, Copper Hall hill, down Wisemans, Marros, turn left at Green man pub, past Cradlewynd on Daffodil route, New Inn, turn left to St Clears, left at traffic lights over rbt on A477, keep on cycle path turn left up Llandowrorr hill, turn rt at Red Roses into Tavernspite.  Princes Gate, Narberth, Robeston Wathen, Canaston Bridge, to Canaston Bowl, turn rt to Martletwy, left down to Cresswell Quay, Carew inn, old Sageston rd, over Knapp and Gumfreston back to TLC.  Possible coffee stop in St Clears or Tavernspite garden centre.  Plenty of options for making the route shorter for slower riders, whilst allowing others to go ahead and do the full route.

Click on link for strava route: St Clears 50 mile route

Route 503 – The Havens: 50 mile 3200 ft climbing. TLC, Gumfreston, Cleddau bridge, Rosemarket, Johnston, Bulford rd, Tiers Cross, Broadway, Little Haven, Broad Haven, up Haroldston hill, Portfield, Haverfordwest, Merlins bridge rbt, Burton rd to Cleddau bridge, Pembroke and coast road back to Tenby. Food and drink stop at the cafe in Broadhaven cafe.

Click on route for strava route: The Havens

Route 504 – Dale: 55 miles, 3600 ft climbing.  TLC, Gumfreston, Pembroke Dock, Cleddau Bridge, Neyland, Horse and Jockey pub, Milford Haven, Dale.  Return via Tiers Cross, Bulford Rd, Johnston, Rosemarket, Cleddau Bridge, Pembroke and coast rd back to TLC.  Coffee stop at Dale.

Click on link for strava route: Dale

Route 505 – Lys-y-Fran: 53 miles, 4200 feet climbing.  TLC, Kilgetty, old rd thru Stepaside, Ludchurch, Tavernspite, Whitland, Efailwen, Maenclochog, Lys-y-Fran.  Clarbeston rd, Whiston, LLawhaden, Bluestone rbt, Loveston, Jeffreyston, Knapp, Gumfreston and TLC.  Coffee stop at Lys-y-Fran visitor centre.

Click on link for strava route: Lys-y-Fran

Route 506 – St Clears and Llanboidy: 56 miles, 4500 ft climbing. TLC, Kilgetty rbt, Stepaside, Summerhill, Amroth, Marros, left at Green Man, down past Cradlewynd, St Clears, Llanboidy, Whitland, Tavernspite, Martletwy, Cresswell Quay, Carew, Sageston, old Redberth rd, Knapp, Gumfreston.

Click on link for strava route: St Clears and Llanboidy

Route 507 – Fresh West and Molleston: 51 miles, 2800 ft climbing.  TLC, Coast road to Pembroke via Lower Lamphey Rd, Monkton, Hundleton, Fresh West, Merrion, down St Daniels hill, upper Lamphey rd.  Lamphey, onto Ridgeway, down Milton Hill, up to Canaston bowl, turn right for Molleston, then right, left, right for Reynalton, Jeffreyston, Broadmoor, Clayford Rd, New Hedges and back to TLC.   A kind of cutdown Ironman loop without the big hills!

Click on link for strava route: Fresh West and Molleston

Route 508 – Lys-y-Fran clockwise: 57 miles, 4200 ft climbing.  TLC, TLC, New Hedges, Clayford rd, Jeffreyston, Loveston, Canaston, Llawhaden, Wiston, Clarbeston rd, Lys-y-Fran, Maenclochog, Efailwen, Whitland, Tavernspite, Templeton, Reynalton, Jeffreyston, Knapp, Gumfreston and back to TLC.

Click on route for Strava route : Lys-y-Fran clockwise

60 mile routes (600 series)

Route 601 Newgale: 61 miles, 4200 ft climbing.  TLC, Gumfreston, turn rt over Knapp, Jeffreyston, Loveston, Canaston, Llawhaden, Wiston, Crundale, Camrose, Keeston, Newgale, turn left up and over Nolton, Broadhaven, Creampots, Tiers Cross, new Bulford Rd, Rosemarket, Cleddau Bridge, up and over to Pembroke and coast road back to TLC.  Possible food and drink stop at the cafe in Newgale.

Click on link for strava route: Newgale 60 mile ride

Route 602 Southern castles: 60 miles, 4200 ft climbing.  TLC, Manorbier, Pembroke castle, Woodbine Terrace, Deer Park rd, down Milton hill, Carew Castle, Sageston, East Williamston, Templebar rd, Kilgetty, Stepaside, Summerhill, Amroth, Marros, Pendine, Laugharne, old Llandowrror rd, Tavernspite, Tanners Lane to Templeton, Reynalton, Jeffreyson, Knapp and Gumfreston back to TLC.

Click on link for Strava route: Southern castles

70 mile routes (700 series)

Route 701: Cardigan: 73 miles, 6300 ft climbing.  TLC, Kilgetty, Narberth, Crymych, Cilgerran and Cardigan for lunch.  Back via Prescelis, Narberth, Cold Blow, Templeton, Kilgetty and main rd back to TLC.

Click on link for strava route: Cardigan

80 mile routes (800 series)

Route 801 The Sloop Inn Porthgain for lunch: 80 miles, 5300 ft climbing. TLC, Gumfreston, Pembroke Dock, Cleddau Bridge, Rosemarket, Johnston, Tiers Cross, Broadhaven, up coast road to Newgale, Solva, St Davids, Porthgain with stop for lunch after 40 miles.  Croesgoch rd back towards Haverfordwest, Clarbeston rd, Wiston, Llawhaden, Canaston Bridge, Loveston, Jeffryston, The Knapp, Gumfreston and back to TLC,

Click on link for strava route: The Sloop Porthgain





Route 1 : Tenby, Lamphey, Martletwy, Tavernspite, Saundersfoot, Tenby.  (approx 39.5 miles)

Route 2 : Tenby, Pembroke, Sageston, Reynalton, Narberth, Tavernspite, Ludchurch, Saundersfoot, Tenby. (approx 45 miles)

Route 3 : Tenby, Saundersfoot, Amroth, Pendine, Laugharne, St. Clears, Red Roses, Kilgetty, New Hedges, Tenby. (approx 40 miles)

Route 4 : Tenby, Kilgetty, Red Roses, St. Clears, Laugharne, Pendine, Amroth, Saundersfoot, Tenby. (approx 42.5 miles)

Route 5 : Tenby, Lydstep, Lamphey, Freshwater East, Stackpole, Castlemartin, Monkton, Pembroke, Lamphey, Lydstep, Tenby. (approx 39 miles)

Route 6 : Tenby, New Hedges, Pentlepoir, Temple Bar Road, Broadmoor, Jeffreston, Reynalton, Cross hands, Canaston Bridge, Llawhaden, Wiston, Crundale, Haverfordwest, Merlins Bridge, Freystrop, Houghton, Burton, Neyland, Bush Hill, Pembroke, Upper Lamphey Road, Jameston, Lydstep, Penally, Tenby. (approx 46.5

Route 7 : Tenby, Gumfreston, Milton, Milford Haven, Dale, Tiers Cross, Johnston, Pembroke, Lamphey, Lydstep, Tenby. (approx 54 miles)

Route 8 : Tenby, Saundersfoot, Ludchurch, Narberth, Cross Hands, Cresselly, Redberth, Carew, Hodgeston, Lamphey, Lydstep, Tenby. (approx 39 miles)

Route 9 : Tenby Leisure Ctr, New Hedges, Devonshire Drive, Redberth, Jeffreyston, Reynalton, Molleston, Cross Hands, Bluestone, Canaston Bridge, Llawhaden (18 mls), Gelli, Llandisilio, Login, Llanboidy (31 mls), Whitland, Tavernspite (39 mls – snack stop), Templeton, Kilgetty, Pentlepoir, Tenby Leisure Ctr (52 mls).

Route 10 : Penally, Lydstep, Jameston, Lamphey, Pembroke, Monkton, Hundleton, Castlemartin, Merrion, St. Petrox, Pembroke, Lamphey, Jameston, Lydstep, Penally, Tenby. (approx 33 miles)

Route 11 : Tenby, Kilgetty, Red Roses, St. Clears, Laugharne, Pendine, Amroth, Begelly (via bypass), Templeton, Crosshands, Martletwy, Cresswell Quay, West Williamston, Carew, Milton hill (Stephens Green), Lamphey, Hodgeston, Jameston, Lydstep, Tenby. (approx 62 miles)

Route 12 (Bwlch-gwynt – Preseli Mountains) : TLC – Clicketts Ln – B4318 Heywood Ln – Serpentine Rd – A478 Templebar Rd – Broadmoor – Jeffreyston – B4586 Ford Ln – Reynalton
(Catershill Farm) – lanes south & east of Airfield – Molleston – A4115 Cross Hands – A4075 Canaston Bridge – cross A40 – Llawhaden Bridge
– Bethesda – B4313 – to New Inn via Maenclochog, SUMMIT (Bwlch-gwynt) u-turn and back to New Inn, Maenclochog, then over to Glandy Cross
via Llandilo village -A478 (through Llandissilio, Narberth, Templeton, Kilgetty) – Sepentine Rd – Heywood Ln – Clicketts Ln – TLC. (approx 57 miles)