Rides And Training

Our weekday club rides run from the start of April to the end of September.  We always meet at Tenby Leisure Centre at 6:30pm (6:00pm early season and later in the year). This year during the summer we are getting up to thirty riders on the evening club rides.  Routes vary from 20 miles to the longest route that we do in the week of 33 miles.  Some routes are quite hilly, others including the loop to Pembroke and back are relatively flat.  Routes are detailed ahead of time on this web site, and are posted weekly on the Tenby Aces Facebook page.  For these rides we operate a sweeper system, so that each week 2 nominated members will ride at the back to make sure that no-one is stranded if they have a mechanical issue that they cannot resolve.  Everyone should ride with a toolpack including tyre levers and at least one spare inner tube, and a pump or alternatively gas canister.  We usually ride as 3 groups – the first slower group going off at 6.30, then a group of medium pace riders leaving at 6.35, followed by the fastest group at 6.40.  The sweepers will leave with this group. The sweepers will give a ride briefing before we leave, however it always helps if you know where you are going so please check Facebook for the route and look at the link to Strava which shows a map and route description.

We meet on Sunday Mornings at 8:00am, again meeting at Tenby Leisure Centre.  Rides and routes are posted on the Tenby Aces Facebook page.  Sunday rides are longer but more leisurely than the weekday rides, often including a coffee stop midway.  Periodically the faster riders will stop and regroup with all those who are riding.